Job Sites for Historians/Archivists

Sorry I haven’t blogged here in a while. Getting married and going on honeymoon, constantly looking for work, and getting a book published will eat into your blogging time. Nevertheless, here I am with some job site recommendations for those who have experience as an archivist and/or historian. Note: these are all free sites. This is probably the best place to find academic jobs in history. It also has library, poli sci, and archivist jobs. A great place to find “pure” archival gigs. It’s at the official site of the Society of American Archivists. Good for library and archival jobs, it usually has the most updates per day of any library job site I’ve seen. This is more attune to people with an MLS and want to work in a info-tech or traditional library setting. However, it does post occasional archives/special collections jobs. The Chronicle of Higher Ed’s jobs page is still worth going to every week. But it’s not as helpful as it used to be, given the more specialized career sites out there. The American Library Association’s jobs page is one that you should check daily if you are looking for library work. This page is geared toward those wanting work in an academic research library. It sometimes has jobs at a college or university that you can’t find elsewhere. and These are job search engines that I’ve found very helpful, as it allows you to search for anything anywhere. And sometimes jobs appear that you wouldn’t have been able to find without going to a million college HR sites. This site is beginning to rival the Chronicle as a place to find jobs in academic settings. The place to find Federal jobs and NARA jobs. The problem with the site is that it’s very easy to find yourself disqualified from a job just a few questions into the survey process. The American Assoc. of State and Local History caters to museum and public history-type jobs. The site isn’t updated daily, but usually the jobs posted there are ones worth applying for. This site is for those who specialize in historic preservation. Unfortunately for me, it usually doesn’t have much to offer to archivists. If you have background in historical architecture, though, it’s a great place to find work. Want to work in academic publishing? This is the best site to find a gig at a university press. For those who want to work as an editor working on the letters or diaries of someone from history. Virginia library jobs. If there’s a good library/archives job in VA, it’ll be posted here eventually. Simmons has an MLS program. here, the college posts all sorts of full-time and part-time gigs, mostly for those living in MA and the other New England states, though it does advertise jobs from across the country. A great site for curators or anyone else who wants to work at a museum. A very user-friendly site for those who want library work in Georgia.

Other sites to check out: The South Carolina Historical Society; Virginia Historical Society; American Antiquarian Society; Georgia Historical Society; Society of Military Historians; and the Organization of American Historians.

Good luck! I know I’ll need it!

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