“After the Battle,” an Antietam Image by Capt. James Hope

The other day, I came across this very cool image of the battle of Antietam drawn by Capt. James Hope, who made a sketch of the carnage while he was there. I’ve never seen a picture quite like this, especially one with the hills in the background. At a quick glance, it looks like a photograph. And it’s the only image of the battle I’ve seen that depicts the “Bloody Lane” as it would have looked so soon afterward.


5 thoughts on ““After the Battle,” an Antietam Image by Capt. James Hope

    • I know, it really does in a way just reading about it fails to depict what it was like. Bloodiest day in American history.

      • Hi. I was researching this photo because I have the same one. Can you give me the history or origin of this photo.I would like to sell it however I have no idea of price. Would you have some insight on the
        value. Thankyou.lisa

      • I’m afraid I have no idea how much the photograph is worth. It does seem to be rare, as you say. I couldn’t find it listed on ebay or amazon.

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