Marching Masters: Now Available at King’s College, London!

marching masters king's college

By Colin Woodward

When I was a junior at Trinity College, Hartford, I spent a wonderful semester at King’s College in London. The college has a great reputation as a center for military studies, and it had a long-term impact on my thinking about war and how nations’ conduct themselves during it. Anyway, now King’s has a copy of my book!

The lectures at King’s were great. I had the chance to see Dr. Sabine and Dr. Honig in action. And it was from Dr. Honig that I first heard the line, “A war without fire is like a sausage without mustard.” That quotation, from Henry V (the guy, not the play), I used in a talk I gave in 2011 on the burning of Darien, Georgia.

I haven’t been back to London since my return to the States in the spring of 1996. However, I would take the first opportunity to go back. And if I do, I would leave to see my book somewhere, either on the shelves at King’s or at a used bookstore on Charing Cross Road.

Colin Woodward is a historian and archivist. He is the author of Marching Masters, Slavery, Race, and the Confederate Army during the Civil War (University of Virginia Press, 2014). He is writing a second book on Johnny Cash.

2 thoughts on “Marching Masters: Now Available at King’s College, London!

  1. Let us be clear: King’s College management lies, bullies staff, pretends that it is ‘consulting’ when it is imposing management decisions, and has rightly been denounced as morally disgraceful by a Professor in the Philosophy Department M M Mccabe. To praise King’s suggests blindness or worse.

  2. Let me be clear: I have no idea what you are talking about. And clearly, you missed the point of what I said in this post.

    After having published a book, it’s pretty exciting to see it put on the shelves in academic libraries in other countries, whether it’s King’s College, Cambridge, or Hull. But it was special for me to see it at King’s because I studied there 18 years ago. I’m not aware of the college’s administrative shortcomings, nor do I care.

    It’s quite depressing to see that even the most good-natured and innocuous of blog posts inspires such anger in some people.

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