100 Reasons Why It Didn’t Start with Trump


Trump and Hicks

Well, here we are. Six months. The Republic still holds, for now. The madness didn’t start with Trump. There are at least 62 million reasons why we are here. Here are a few more. It started with:

  1. The Tea Baggers
  2. Fox News
  3. Monica Crowley and Anne Coulter
  4. Rush Limbaugh’s pathological hatred of the Clintons, which began in 1992 and continues to this day
  5. Glenn Beck: carnie hypnotist turned “repentant” wingnut
  6. The absurd claim by people that thousands of African Americans fought for the Confederacy as soldiers
  7. Stop and frisk
  8. People being okay with mass shootings, even when they involve children
  9. “Stand your ground” laws
  10. Grover Norquist
  11. People thinking that all tax money = “their” money
  12. Being against the minimum wage and its increase
  13. Banks that charge $36 overdraft fees, $5 for a money order, and $25 for a box of checks
  14. People who thought Obama was a Muslim from Kenya
  15. People who sincerely thought Obama was the Anti-Christ
  16. Being against vaccines, which have saved millions of lives
  17. Denying not only climate change but proving unwilling to do anything about it or any other environmental problems
  18. Idiotic, racist relatives on Facebook
  19. Facebook
  20. Smartphones making us look stupid, self-absorbed, and unresponsive
  21. Superhero movies and CGI sucking the life out of the American film industry
  22. Police shooting and killing people and not being held accountable
  23. George Zimmerman
  24. The lies and misinformation behind the Iraq War
  25. Brilliant comic Dennis Miller becoming an unfunny, boorish, Republican schill
  26. Bill O’Reilly and his Killing [insert name here] books
  27. Democrats not fighting harder than the Republicans to set the agenda (Bernie, Franken, and Liz Warren excepted)
  28. The Virginia Flaggers demanding a Confederate battle flag be raised on property in Richmond that they do not own
  29. The Confederate flag flying anywhere outside of a Civil War reenactment
  30. Voter ID laws
  31. Gerrymandering
  32. School districts that have fought Brown v. Board every step of the way and continue to do so
  33. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
  34. The Koch brothers
  35. The gutting of the Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court
  36. The gutting of campaign finance reform by the Supreme Court
  37. The unstoppable, unnecessary, absurdly expensive, and bloated Military Industrial Complex
  38. Talk radio
  39. Click bait
  40. Border patrolling “Minutemen”
  41. The government response to Hurricane Katrina
  42. Internet comments sections
  43. Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr., Ph.D.
  44. The death of letter writing
  45. The third world status of the American music industry
  46. The third world status of inner cities
  47. The War on Drugs
  48. Texas as the epicenter for the textbook industry
  49. Texas
  50. Saw, Hostel, and torture porn
  51. Commercials before movies
  52. Walmart
  53. Hummers
  54. Gov. Schwarzenegger
  55. Gov. Ventura
  56. Gov. Reagan
  57. Gov. Wallace
  58. David Duke
  59. Cancer taking Siskel and Ebert and Bill Hicks
  60. The political schizophrenia of Ohio
  61. College football coaches making more than the highest paid professors
  62. Rioting when you win, rioting when you lose
  63. Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane
  64. The 2000 presidential election
  65. Everything in Florida between Pensacola and Miami
  66. Cable companies
  67. Subprime mortgages
  68. Payday lenders
  69. $1000+ bicycles
  70. McMansions
  71. Resistance to marriage equality
  72. 9-11
  73. Jimmy Fallon blowing lines on SNL then being rewarded with the most plum job in late night television
  74. Mel Gibson on a phone
  75. Blue Ray
  76. HR department job application templates
  77. Vacuum sealed, shrink wrapped, and unopenable
  78. The prison industrial complex
  79. Cheap garbage from China
  80. Sequels, prequels, and remakes
  81. Having to put money up front, all the time
  82. Football seven days a week
  83. Adult men riding skateboards
  84. Backward baseball caps
  85. Joe McCarthy
  86. Pitch counts and the designated hitter
  87. Three strikes and you’re out laws
  88. The John Birch Society
  89. Ted Nugent
  90. Gated communities
  91. Hank Williams, Jr.
  92. “Right to Work” states
  93. Everyone having to work except the rich
  94. The electoral college
  95. States rights
  96. Deadbeat dads
  97. Conspiracy theories
  98. Fundamentalism
  99. The Westboro Baptist Church
  100. Joel Osteen

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