Podcast 171: The Job Market for Ph.D.s, Part II

steele 2

This is part two of Colin’s talk with Dr. Brent J. Steele of the University of Utah about the academic job market. Colin and Brent start out by walking us through the interview process, including the infamous Dinner, in which a candidate talks with the committee and tries not to order too many drinks and say something stupid. From there, they get into interview nightmares, which range from problems with technology to rude dinner and lunch companions, to phone calls from long-forgotten committee people.

In the intro, Colin provides a Coronavirus update and debates whether anything we now know about the job market has been rendered moot by the pandemic. Happy April, y’all!

Listen here: http://americanrambler.libsyn.com/episode-171-the-job-market-for-phds-part-ii

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